WDtS Mattapan: Building Great Stories in 3 Acts

Friday, December 6th 1pm to 2:30pm
BPL - Mattapan Branch
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Level: For Everyone
Adult (18+)
25 seats max

When you’re unsure how to begin a work or where you want the work to go, sometimes understanding the structure and flow of traditional American stories can help. George Abbot, American theater producer and director, summed up American storytelling when he said, “In the first act you get your hero up a tree. The second act, you throw rocks at him. For the third act, you let him down.”

In this drop-in course, we will examine the three-act structure of American storytelling, in both written and visual media. Along with considering how the structure of three acts can help a writer drive past writer’s block and how the three-act structure contributed to the success of stories like The Hunger Games, we’ll also discuss how the three acts can also make a story predictable and when it’s time to break the rules.

Families welcome. Coffee and snacks provided. Teens are welcome to attend with an older relative. We will provide simple activities to keep young children occupied.

Who Should Register?

Write Down the Street has a special focus on making the creative writing workshop more accessible to those who face challenges due to cost, language skills, lack of access to transportation, and other barriers. We believe that all voices must be spotlighted with the range and fullness they deserve.

These programs are offered tuition-free thanks to the support of generous donors who are committed to our mission of ensuring all voices are heard.

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