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The Trash Fire Continues: Creative Writing in a Chaotic World -- For Teens! (REMOTE)

Tuesday through Friday, Feb. 22nd to 25th, 10:30am - 3:30pm
Online: Zoom
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Level: Teens
Teen (13-18)
18 seats max

Class Description: The trash fire that has been the past two years continues to bring frustrations and hardships. We’re also getting a little burned out from remote learning. But what if you still want to safely get together with other creative writers in some relaxed way online that doesn’t feel like school? Well, here you go.

Teens said they wanted some structure in a class that was also lowkey and flexible, so it didn’t feel like obligatory school. So we put together this 4-day class that provides creative writing craft sessions in the morning with plenty of optional components in the afternoon. Teens can advance their creative skills while also taking afternoon breaks if they need them. 

Each morning session will feature a craft talk or exercise for the full class, followed by a lunch break. Then, each afternoon will feature an OPTIONAL session that will include one of the following REMOTE activities which will be announced by the instructor:

  • Silent group writing with music and available Q&A chat with the writing instructor.
  • Book club silent reading party and optional chat (if the class wants to read the same book, it will be provided to all students via ebook at the student’s registered email address)
  • Guest instructor session on varying topics
  • Group movie viewing followed by a class Q&A about craft techniques reflected in the movie
  • Virtual field trips to museums and other virtual venues. 
  • Online writing game(s) 
  • Open Mic/sharing

The afternoons will be optional and lowkey, so students can opt-out if they are fatigued or dive in if they want more shared creative activity. It’s up to them. The goal of this class is to keep our collective creativity growing in a way that doesn’t feel pressured or urgent. We want to nurture our creativity while acknowledging the chaotic world in which we live, and work to balance the two so that our creativity stays alive within us. 

This class is open to beginner and more experienced teen writers who work in any genre. Whatever style of writing you want to try or expand, bring your early ideas, questions, and drafts. Work on your projects in the company of other word lovers. Plenty of scholarships are available. (See below for more info on our super easy scholarship application process.)

This class will be hosted remotely! You will be able to participate in class via Zoom videoconference from wherever you’re most comfortable. All you’ll need is a laptop or a phone! About 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, you'll receive an email from your instructor with a link to join the class meeting via Zoom–no need to download anything or sign up for Zoom in advance! If you have questions about remote learning, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information.

Who Should Register?
For writers ages 13 - 18 ONLY.

Remember, parents/guardians must also complete this permission form online before the start of the class. Otherwise, registrations could be voided and the cancellation policy will apply. If the student is 18, simply let us know at [email protected]

*If you are registering on behalf of your teen, add their email information in the “For a Friend or Child?” field on the right-hand side of the screen before you check out. This will send them a direct link and reminder to create their own profile with GrubStreet. 

(After adding the class to your cart, click “Checkout” and click “Add” next to “For a Friend or Child?” on the right-hand side to fill in their email. This is an easy way of linking the class to your child and encourages them to create their own account.)

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  • The Novel
  • Short Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Young Adult & Children's Literature
  • Screenwriting
  • Playwriting
  • Poetry

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