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The Published Poem

10 Mondays from 10:30am-1:30pm at Grub Street Headquarters, starting April 7th, 2014
GrubStreet HQ
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Level: Advanced
Adult (18+)
9 seats max

In this advanced class, students will put their poems through the paces in order to submit them for publication at the seminar's end. Each class we'll discuss a published poet's revisions and perform an intensive workshop dedicated to multiple revisions of the same poem. We'll pay special attention to how poems manage and engage readers' expectations. We'll also dedicate the final class to a discussion of the questions and problems of publication. Our class will be a testing ground of alternatives and possibilities, and so will our poems. Students should bring one nearly finished poem to the first class.

NOTE: This class will not take place on Memorial Day, May 26th. 

Applications for this class have closed. You will hear from the reading committee within a week.

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Scott Challener

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  • Writing Homework
  • Reading Homework
  • Revision Assignments
  • Workshop
  • Instructor Feedback
  • In-Class Writing
  • Craft Lessons


  • Poetry

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