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Rage Poems: The Poetics of Anger and Anxiety

Saturday, November 4th, from 10:30am-1:30pm (ET).
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Everybody loves a love poem, loves to rattle off the summer days, to count the ways, to open the untrodden regions, to enumerate the raindrops, the small hands. Nobody likes to admit that they also enjoy the poems that are written out of incandescent rage: Catullus's withering scorn, the literally apocalyptic angers of St. John of Patmos, Plath's patricidal, devouring fires, Blake's poison tree, his dark mills, his curse.  

And yet we do. Enjoy the literature of rage, that is. Maybe this is in part because we live in an age of nearly unprecedented anger and anxiety: of explosive quarrels and simmering tensions; of long, mute desperations and violent outburst. But more than that, rage is a fundamental component of the human experience–one that needs and deserves to be given shape and voice. In so doing, we transform rage from a destructive, to a creative force.

In this three-hour generative workshop, we will attempt to do precisely that. We will make a quick survey of the poetry and poetics of rage. Then we'll attempt to harness our bad angels, to transform them from demon to muse.

Poets of all levels welcome.

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