Poetry as a Contemplative Practice

Friday, May 18th, 10:30am-1:30pm
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Level: For Everyone
Adult (18+)
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In this class, we will explore what contemplative or spiritual poems might be; we will look closely at some examples; and we will discuss both the process and the craft of writing contemplative poetry. Poets we read closely may include Rumi, Rilke, Hopkins, Mary Oliver, Ross Gay and others. 

We will look at specific techniques to write contemplative poems that avoid sentimentality, use heightened language, use the particular and the abstract, and attend to both what is and what is not said. 

There will be time to write and time to explore writing from different kinds of prompts, including writing after meditation. And there will be time to share poems and get feedback.

The class is open to writers of every level who want to expand and deepen their approach to reading and writing poetry. 

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Nadia Colburn
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