Parallel Tracks: How to Master Multiple Storylines, Time Frames, and Points of View in Fiction

Friday, April 12th, from 10:30am-1:30pm
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In How Fiction Works, James Wood argues that simultaneity—being two things at once, or in two places at once—lies at the heart of fiction. Dual settings, parallel plots, underworlds, and alter egos give structural backbone to numerous classics and contemporary works  from A Tale of Two Cities to A Tale for the Time Being. But how does the writer—the wizard behind this machinery—master the moving parts?

This seminar will explore double lives and parallel plots, perspectives, time frames, and settings. You’ll learn how to add new dimensions to your characters and stories by exploring underlying contradictions and tensions, and trace the central thread through transitions, bridges, ties, and structures that make it all cohere, or fragment, meaningfully.  You will come away with new strategies for constructing the frames and intersections that undergird the narrative whole. 


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Nicole Elizabeth Miller
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