Memoir in Progress

10 Thursdays from 6:00-9:00pm, starting September 17th
Remote (Live Zoom Meetings)
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Level: Intermediate
Adult (18+)
13 seats max
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Writing the first draft of your memoir can be daunting. Determining its scope, narrative voice, and perhaps the most challenging of all, figuring out how to handle time, are no easy tasks. But guidance in a group setting of peers facing similar questions can help. This class will tackle these big-picture issues and pay close attention to the minutiae of good writing. 
Rather than a traditional workshop-structured-class (where manuscripts are read and critiqued outside of the classroom for discussion the following week), this class allows students to take turns sharing 5-page excerpts, which we will workshop in class "on the fly." In the remaining time, we will participate in some in-class exercises, and we'll discuss craft issues such as writing scenes vs. exposition, integrating research, avoiding cliché, developing character, and "truth" and memory as it relates to recovering and recreating the past. We will also examine some exemplary memoirs and personal essays, including work by such authors as:
Eula Biss
James Baldwin
Gregory Orr
Jo Ann Beard
Danielle Trussoni
There is no work outside of class other than continuing to write, with the goal of each student writing 5 new pages or revising 10 pages each week, and developing a solid outline of the memoir in progress. On the last day of class, writers may hand in 20 pages of their work to receive critiques from the instructor with suggested strategies for finishing the manuscripts. Designed for writers with some knowledge of the craft of memoir writing who have either: (a) begun at least three chapters of a full-length memoir or (b) begun at least three essays of a connected series of personal essays. Please come to the first class with a copy of "an elevator pitch" for your potential or existing memoir (a compelling title and 150-word blurb that summarizes and encapsulates your work) or the first page of your memoir/essay collection.
Please note: this class is not group therapy; our focus will be on the craft of the work, not the identity of the author.
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Memoir in Progress was the perfect place to take the memoir that I had been wanting to write for years. On my own, I was only able to write a few pages and think about my ideas. Thanks to Dorian Fox and my awesome fellow students, I was able to generate more than 100 pages—a good start.
- Kristen Paulson-Nguyen


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Dorian Fox
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