Zip-Code Stories Deadline Tonight!

She saw something at the water's edge, and . . . 

Finish this sentence and write a story totaling 500 words by 10:00 pm tonight and send it to The Drum's Zip-Code Stories project with WBUR. That's a rate of 45 words an hour, from the time your friendly correspondent is writing this post. Easy!

The Drum's Zip-Code Stories project has been running for a year now, inviting everyone to send in stories based in various zip codes around Greater Boston. We've had stories from Framingham, from Winchester, from Revere, and from Wellesley and Sandwich. Each round, we pick our favorite and bring the writer in to WBUR for an interview that is aired--along with the story--on Radio Boston.

This time we asked people to send a story from anywhere they liked, as long as they finished our sentence prompt. The possibilities are endless. This "she": who is she? is she even a person, or is she a dog or a cat or an otter? What does she at the water's edge? Does she even figure out what it is? Maybe she walks (or crawls, or scurries, or swims) away. Maybe she picks it up. Maybe she picks it up and throws it back. You decide.

Just send your story to The Drum through our handy-dandy submissions manager. You can record an audio mp3 of the story and send that, or simply send text. If you really want to be high-tech about it, log into Broadcastr and upload your audio there, then geo-tag it on Broadcastr's map according to the zip code you set it in. (If you do that, don't forget to let us know via a separate email so we can add the piece to our playlist.)

So, all you need to do is write 3/4 of a word per minute between now and the Zip-Code Stories deadline. How hard is that?

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