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Free From The Sun

by Zack Rocklin-Waltch


She was gone. There was no going back. The train rolled off in the dull, early morning light. She wondered when her parents would find the letter. Smiling, she imagined her mother's face, an expression of shock and anger plastered across it. She looked out the window at the familiar surroundings speeding away. The sun had started to rise. It would continue like that until the day it died, a monotonous cycle she had now escaped from. She smiled again and leaned back in her seat as the train rolled off toward the slowly brightening horizon. 


by Fatima Sillah

Bus rides with my grandmother were always the best she would always tell me stories of the time she was little back home and her mother would send her to sell some of her goods in the market. She told me “My mom always made the best MeatPa and Cheke; anytime I came into the market everyone would know that her food was here and it would sell out in a blink of an eye.” Her stories always made me smile and happy; I felt like I was closer to her every time she told me of her stories. I could always imagine myself there with her experiencing everything she did and I loved that feeling.  

*Image of the sun via public domain.

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