YAWP Summer: Writing Through It

While it would be too simple to say that writing or art can “fix” everything, writing can play a role in grounding us and providing a creative outlet.

During Writing Through It, teens will look at how writing can be used as a tool to deal with hardships such as the Covid-19 pandemic, loss and love. Students will study the works of both popular and unknown writers to see how poetry can act as a supportive tool to deal with difficulties like depression during times of isolation. By the end of this course students will have started to find ways that they could use writing as a means of reclaiming and rewriting new narratives that help them heal and grow after harm/trauma. 

By the end of class, students will have several ideas for new narratives that they can choose to expand or use for focused personal journaling.

Next week is the last week of YAWP Summer! Make sure to sign up for the last YAWP Summer classes before it's too late. This class starts next Monday, August 17th, so don't wait -- register today. Scholarships are available!

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