YAWP Summer: Fanfiction to Fan-Worthy Fiction

Teen writers, learn how to create characters we can obsess over, build your own unique worlds and environments, and how the pacing of fanfiction “chapters” translate to the scenes and beats of a novel.

How many writers in the world first developed a love of writing and a diligent practice through fanfiction? As fanfic writers, we engage characters we love and know deeply, giving them new adventures, at times filling in gaps in their stories. We take the framework of worlds other writers have invented and build in our own imaginative plots. We enter a community of fans and writers and exchange feedback. In this class, you’ll talk about the very real writing tools we gain through fanfiction and start to apply those tools to our own original fiction. You’ll leave class with a set of character sketches, some new scenes, and plenty of ideas for a new original story.

This class starts next Monday, August 3rd, so don't wait -- register today. Scholarships are available!

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