YAWP Summer: Crafting Lyrics and Verse: The Art of Songwriting

How do musicians write lyrics that instantly fill us with joy, sadness, or inspiration in just a few short lines? In this week-long, teen remote class, you'll explore the connections between writing and music, and learn the strategies and techniques that top musicians — like Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Biggie, Fred the Godson, BabyFace, Alicia Keys, Jhene Aiko, Amy Winehouse, J.Cole., and more!  use to write songs that move us emotionally and land at the top of the Billboard charts.


While writing your own lyrics and verses, you'll also learn the Art of 16 Bars, be introduced to the top 5 Elements of Hip-Hop, and delve into the history and stories behind some of the greatest rap tracks of all time by studying the art of sampling. You don't have to be a musician to take this class; all you need is the desire to learn from the greatest songwriters of our time.


Scholarships are available! Register today.

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