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By Benjamin Makashima


On my way home, I stopped at the Goodwill store. Sometimes I browsed there for clothes on the cheap. I thumbed through the shirt rack, and picked a flannel shirt. I lifted my head briefly; out the window, a green station wagon pulled up to the donations door. A sweaty bearded man helped a middle age couple hoist seven boxes from the back. The top of one of the boxes popped open, revealing a small pink sweatshirt with fake jewels. They thanked the attendant, and then silently walked to the car. The hugged each other quietly, and they drove away.




A Dead Duck


By Louisa McCullough


There were only four of us. Four bodies tramping through the bramble by NoSoap Pond, matching the squirrels' scurries, chanting boisterous Indian battle songs. Eric led the pack, little Lila took the rear. Eric marched like a chief leading his tribe to war, a blue feathered crown perched on his amber head. It was smeared with the blood from the dead duck he had slung over his shoulder, a shoulder too proud to be the head of a crew of such babies. He held up a hand and we halted, stumbling into one another. We'd arrived at the gas station.

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