Why I Write Vol. 7: I Have a Story to Tell

In this series, "Why I Write," members of the Grub community share what compels them to put words onto paper day after day. In this edition, YAWP student Zach Sclar shares twelve of the reasons why he writes.


  1. Because I can’t read 24/7.
  3. Because my dog can only play fetch and Frisbee for so long.
  5. Because I can’t spend my life on social media.
  7. Because video games give me a headache.
  9. Because I need an excuse to lie on the couch for hours, staring at the ceiling.
  11. Because writing makes me think about the world in ways nothing else does.
  13. Because nothing else lets me express myself in quite the same way.
  14. Because it’s one of the highest levels of human mental activity, and one of the ways that you can change the world.
  16. Because stories handed down from generation to generation orally and in writing are how we create a rich collective history.
  18. Because when I do it I feel fully alive.
  20. Because when I do it, the day-to-day minutia completely disappears.
  22. Because I believe somewhere inside me I have a story to tell.


Zach Sclar is a rising junior at the Bromfield School in Harvard, Massachusetts.  He enjoys distance running, swimming, hiking with his dog, and snowboarding. He is also interested in political science and is part of the Model United Nations at my school, the economics club, and student council. His true passions, however, are reading and writing, which he does on a daily basis.  He has been taking classes at GrubStreet and attending the Saturday sessions for the past two years. Because of the staff at GrubStreet, he has gained the confidence to enter a bunch of writing contests this year for essays and poetry, and surprised himself with the results he's received. The creative and peaceful environment at Grub Street has really helped him get his portfolio started.

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