Upcoming YAWP Saturday Sessions (Free!)

Check out our FREE YAWP Saturday Sessions for Spring 2023! These sessions are free for Boston-area high schoolers. Whether you need fresh ideas, a dedicated space to write, or just want to geek out about the written word with other writers, we're here for you or the teen writer in your life. Check below for more info about each of our upcoming sessions. 

ALL YAWP Saturdays for Spring 2023 are free and will be held either in person at our Seaport headquarters or remotely via Zoom from 12:00 to 3:00pm (ET). Snacks and writing materials will be provided. Click here for more information.


Saturday May 13th, 12:00-3:00pm ET

[In-Person] Empower your Storytelling, Write for You! w/ Lala Shanks

Knowing your audience is important but what about the story in your heart, just dying to come out? We often dwell on the reception of our writing but that creates a pressure to perform for our audience in a way that forsakes our unique perspectives. But ask yourself what might happen if your wrote with yourself as the target audience?


[In-Person] Writing Like a Hermit Crab: New Beginnings for Stories & Essays w/ Maggie Cooper

Together, we'll look at examples of this kind of "hermit crab" writing, then do some creating of our own, crafting stories and essays in the form of postcards and text messages, recipes, Google Maps directions, a multiple choice quiz, or a Spotify playlist. We'll think about how these forms impact a reader's understanding of character, plot, and meaning, and we'll finish class by trading prompts for new pieces.


[Remote] The Spoken and Unspoken: Writing Dialogue and Gestures w/ Kayla Degala-Paraíso

Sometimes, the challenge in our writing isn’t fleshing out our characters, but rather how they express themselves. How do we create distinctive voices for each of our characters? How do we get our characters to move and behave in ways that both characterize them and show their interiorities? And, perhaps most importantly: how do we put multiple characters in the same room and have each of them remain unique?

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