Upcoming YAWP Free Saturday Sessions

Check out our FREE YAWP Saturday Sessions for spring 2022! These sessions are free for Boston-area high schoolers. Whether you need fresh ideas, a dedicated space to write, or just want to geek out about the written word with other writers, we're here for you or the teen writer in your life. Check below for more info about each of our upcoming sessions. Note: All YAWP Saturdays in spring 2022 will be held remotely on Zoom. Click here for more information.


January 22nd


Eco-Poetics for the City Dwellers

Otto Vock
Saturday, January 22nd from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
via Zoom

In this workshop we’ll be experimenting with the strategies and intuitions of nature poetry applied to the built urban environment. We can think of poems as little cities and systems in and of themselves, where all details are at play and interconnected with one another. Learn more.


What's Cooking?: Food as Extended Metaphor

Jeni De La O
Saturday, January 22nd from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
via Zoom

Whether it's sizzling garlic, floral orange blossom, or fragrant limes, food plays on all the senses and provides instant access to the reader's innermost feelings. This class will explore how we can use food as a means of connecting across cultures. Learn more.


Story Crafting with M.I.C.E

Kayleigh Shoen
Saturday, January 22nd from 12:00pm - 3:00pm
via Zoom

In this class, we’ll discuss what the MICE Quotient (an acronym for Mileu, Inquiry, Character, Event) is; apply it to well-known works including The Wizard of Oz, The Hate U Give, Harry Potter, and Cinderella; and discuss how you can use MICE to make your story structure stronger. Learn more.

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