Meet a Grubbie: Stephanie K Brownell

GrubStreet runs on coffee, printer ink, and community. This series features just some of the Grubbies who make our community strong. In this edition, meet Grub instructor Stephanie K Brownell. Stephanie has taught at Boston University, the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, The Eliot School, and the Urbano Project

June 6, 2017 | GrubWrites

Meet a Grubbie The Writing Life

Writing Prompt: Start With Sincerity and Move Into Power

Summer is around the corner, which means college students setting up hammocks everywhere, painful sunburns, and family barbecues. Embrace the sunlight, grab a pint of ice cream, and get writing with this prompt brought to you by Grub Instructor Vanessa Garcia, who will be teaching a 6 Weeks, 6 Op-Eds online class in June

May 25, 2017 | GrubWrites

The Writing Life

Does Writing Advice Work for You?

By Katrin Schumann

Do you hole up in near seclusion like Jonathan Franzen to create your opus? Do you use social media for ideas and encouragement? Do you read fiction while you write fiction? Where do you find your inspiration and your will to carry on in spite of the self-doubt? Do you search for answers in what other fiction writers do?

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is what works for you.

December 7, 2016 | Katrin Schumann

Freewriting with a Purpose: Get Started and Keep Going

By Deborah Sosin

Write about your feet. Go. Ten minutes. Hairy toe knuckles, fallen arches, that painful bunion. Ugly, smelly, too big, too small. The pedicure gone wrong. The foot-fetishist boyfriend. Whatever comes to mind. Just keep the pen moving.

That’s freewriting in a nutshell. Writing without stopping—no censoring, editing, or judging. No need to fix spelling, punctuation, or grammar. No need for perfection. Simply putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is a great way to bypass resistance, procrastination, and self-criticism.

October 7, 2013 | Deborah Sosin

Craft Advice

Craft Books: A List For Writers

By Becky Tuch

Craft books. Some people swear by them, some people swear they don’t need them. As Randy Susan Meyers wrote recently on Beyond the Margins , “Whisper the words books on writing to a bunch of writers and you might have to watch the whoosh of air as they take sides so fast it’s like being transported to West Side Story.

October 4, 2013 | Becky Tuch

Craft Advice