Novel, Inc.: The Ennui of the Incubee

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I never expected that after the Novel Incubator ended I would find myself at a loss for words. I had a completed second draft, a circle of wonderful readers, folders of feedback piled high in my study, not to mention all the wisdom I’d acquired. Since I’d started in Grub Street’s Novel Incubator program almost a year ago, I’d  taken my novel further than I’d dreamed possible, but as I tried to continue revision, I hit a wall.


The Writing Life

Give Yourself A Break

Dear Friday Five-0,

When I get frustrated with my writing, I often give up and take a walk or perform other mindless tasks to numb my stress. Is this an effective tool, considering I always come back to my writing, or should I be sticking with it and working through my frustration, instead of throwing in the towel?  ~ Eliza R.

* * *

Dear Eliza R.,

I adore you

Jenna Blum

The Writing Life