Take Your Stories From Good to Outstanding: Introducing the Short Story Incubator with Ron MacLean

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In advance of our inaugural Short Story Incubator program, instructor Ron MacLean explains what fiction writers can get out of six-months intensive study, describes his ideal Incubator student, and lays out the program's "ruthless and joyous focus on taking stories from workshop good to publishable." 


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Anticipating Twenty: Executive Director Eve Bridburg on Grub Grown Up

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It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the notion that GrubStreet will be twenty next year. I was twenty-nine when I put $400 on my credit card to produce our first flyer advertising two fiction workshops. Next year, I’ll be just shy of fifty. My two children, babies in the early days who crawled through the legs of our first volunteers during gatherings in my living room, will both be in high school.  This summer, my daughter, for the second year running, will ride the T into the city with her friend Molly to take classes with ...

Eve Bridburg