Do Authors Really Need Facebook?

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By Anne Hill. Originally posted on Creative Content Coaching.

Of all the social media platforms, Facebook seems to cause authors the most consternation. The generally accepted wisdom is that every author (some say every book title) needs her own Facebook page—a business page, not simply a personal profile. Meanwhile, most authors I speak to simply dread the idea, and are looking for a clear explanation.

Anne Hill

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AWP and Successophobia

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I’m writing this blog post on my flight from Boston to Seattle for this year’s AWP. This will be the third AWP I’ve attended, and for the third year in a row, I find myself both excited about all the people I will be able to see and meet anew, and pre-emptively mortified about how forward, how intrusive, my interactions might seem.

I should make it clear that I’m attending AWP not only to hear panels or to speak on them (though I am on a panel on Saturday afternoon), but largely to sit at an exhibitor’s table for The Drum

Henriette Lazaridis

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Voice over, Flashbacks & Multiple Protagonists. Why Never Never Really Means Never.

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Voice over,  Flashbacks & Multiple Protagonists. Why Never Never Really Means Never.

Every screenwriting book/ teacher lists the same list of “don’ts”:

Don’t use voiceover

Don’t use flashbacks

Don’t have multiple protagonists.

Yet everyone can probably point to the list of their favorite movies and find it full of movies that break these rules: The Shawshank Redemption, A Clockwork  Orange, Badlands, Goodfellas, Magnolia, Nashville, Slumdog Millionaire, Casablanca, Inglorious Basterds, Memento, Reservoir Dogs, Rashomon, 8 1/2, etc.

No sane teacher could actually mean never do these things, and if they do, run fast away from them ...

Mark Fogarty

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On Publishing, Regret and that "Oh Shit" Moment

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by Ethan Gilsdorf

[Another entry in the monthly column, The Freelance Life, by Ethan Gilsdorf, about the trials, tribulations, triumphs --- and tips to share --- along the path to becoming a freelance writer.]

We’re supposed to feel excitement about getting published. And I do. But sometimes, for me, that "Yahoo!" feeling of joy is quickly superseded by another, more painful feeling: remorse.

Ethan Gilsdorf

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Why It's the Best Time in History to Write a Screenplay (and Why No One Knows it)

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Writing a screenplay has always been for the delusional

Mark Fogarty

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