Next Week: Master Scriptwriting Showcase

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Join us for an evening of drama, intrigue, and adventure galore at Grub’s Master Scriptwriting Showcase. Professional actors will perform excerpts of full-length scripts by our master playwrights and screenwriters, who have developed their scripts for 12 weeks under the guidance of Grub instructors Mark Fogarty and Nina Louise Morrison. 

The showcase will feature the work of Brad Moriarty, Timothy Oliveri, Stephen O’Leary, Shelley Sackett, Susan Buice, Dawn Smith, John Raftery, Loren Jenks, Robert Murphy, Catherine Epstein, Elizabeth Gutterman, and Marc Harpin.

12 premieres, 12 performances, 1 great night. 


To get more details and to RSVP, click ...


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We Yearn for a Dynamic Landscape Where Art is Integral and Valued: A Q&A with Theresa Rebeck

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Praised by Kirkus Reviews as "a rare honest story about love, ambition, and compromise," Theresa Rebeck's new novel, I'm Glad About You, follows the lives of two former high school sweethearts — one, an aspiring actress determined to make it big in New York; the other, a deeply religious doctor who never left the Midwest

Colwill Brown


Five Social Networking Tips for Authors

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Contrary to what one might think, simply joining Twitter and Facebook and posting once in a while doesn’t mean that you are actually networking. Networking requires human involvement and care and feeding of your various channels of outreach. It's important because having the right people in your network can propel you forward in ways that you may not even begin to realize

Crystal King

Social Media Promotion For Authors - Understanding Hashtags

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Up until recently I was leading social media for a large B2C company.  Every once in a while someone from marketing or legal would ask if we could copyright a hashtag, or would request that we register a hashtag in some way, mistakenly thinking the company could actually own a hashtag. I would chuckle a little, then do what I could to explain what a hashtag was and how it is used.

So let’s start there. What exactly is a hashtag?

Crystal King

Women Who Write Bestsellers Shouldn't Hand Them to the Film Industry: An Interview with Emma Donoghue

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As a film journalist, it was a thrill to interview A-list actors and actresses at the Toronto International Film Festival last month. But as a writer, one of my most inspiring sit-downs was with Emma Donoghue.


At first, I was a bit intimidated. I’ve been a fan of the Ireland-born Donoghue since her first novels Stir-Fry and Hood, landmark books for LGBT readers back in the 1990s

Loren King