Four Things a Prose Writer Can Learn From a Screenwriter

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By Mark Fogarty


Editor's note: Learn more about the "evil twin sibling of the novel" at Fogarty's upcoming workshop, "Cinematic Structure for the Prose Writer"! 


The screenplay is the evil twin sibling of the novel -- short, rude, unrefined, often superficial and obsessed with money; the screenplay and the novel do not always get along

Mark Fogarty

Writer On the Road: Kansas. A.K.A. Why I Was So Obnoxious During The Election.

When I was in my 2010 pre-publication meeting for THE STORMCHASERS, I was advised by my publisher and publicists, as we all are these days, to maximize use of my online presence. To write a consistent blog. To be active on Facebook and Twitter. And not to write political posts.

"You don't want to alienate readers," was the prevailing attitude. I nodded, without for a second feeling as though I were selling out

Jenna Blum

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Bridging the Sales - Visibility Gap

By Sharon Bially

There’s a strange paradox in the world of book marketing that can make the job of promotion even more overwhelming than it already is:  While there are literally an infinite number of things authors can do to spread the word about their books, many of these steps don’t necessarily have an impact on sales.

For example, all the wonderful, uplifting things authors and publishers have traditionally done to make a book known and visible to the world may not create more than a momentary spike in sales

Sharon Bially

Everything You Need to Know About Blog Tours (video post)

By Terri Giuliano Long


I've given you lots of tour information from an author's perspective. But that's only part of the picture. To broaden your understanding, I've asked my favorite tour guides--Diane Saarinen, Pandora Poikilos, and Emlyn Chand--to tell you about their tours, what authors can expect, and why their tours stand out. Here's what the tour guides have to say:

Terri Giuliano Long