The Heart of Productivity

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Author and GrubStreet Instructor Hillary Rettig talks productivity, perfectionism, and procrastination and shares the key to overcoming the disempowerment of procrastination. You can learn more in Hillary's upcoming Online: Zoom short class, How to Write a Lot, on Saturday, June 11th.

Hillary Rettig

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Join Us for an Upcoming In-Person FREE Writing Session

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Our free writing sessions are the perfect taste of Grub! Join us virtually, in-person, in the afternoon, or in the evening—there's a session for everyone!

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Why Write Fiction from Real Life?

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Author and GrubStreet Instructor Kayleigh Shoen shares why fiction writers should draw on their real lives in their work. You can learn more in Kayleigh’s upcoming In-Person: Seaport class, Writing Fiction from Real Life, starting May 2nd.



For a long time when I was starting out as a writer, I shied away from writing about my real life. It felt risky to portray my friends and family in ways they might not like, or to dramatize situations that could reflect badly on me. And, the times when I did choose to include situations from my life, it …

Kayleigh Shoen

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How Being An “Other” Made Me A Writer

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GrubStreet instructor Aimee Suzara shares how outsiderhood and otherness can uniquely fuel creativity and why writing about home is a way for writers to define themselves. You can learn more about this subject in Aimee's upcoming Online: On Demand class Belonging: Writing Home & Identity for Writers of Color, starting May 4th.

Aimee Suzara

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Dept. of Congrats: February 2022 Community Successes

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Every month, we celebrate successes of all stripes! This month, Grubbies were published in literary journals across the country, won awards and prizes, secured book deals, and so much more. Our community closed February 2022 out with 37 publications, three awards and prizes, one fellowship, and one book deal! Let us celebrate you: submit your good news to GrubStreet’s Department of Congratulations.  



Anne Leiby's micro essay "Flower Salute" was published in a recent edition of River Teeth’s "Beautiful Things" blog. This is a first for Anne, and she thanks her Grub instructors,  …