Things I don't understand (part one)

1.    String theory (but I'm trying)
2.    The almost universal appeal of canned tuna
3.    ditto Conan O'Brien
4.    ditto mayonnaise, in any usage
5.    Written instructions, ever
6.    Why Beef on Weck has not taken the nation by storm
7.    Ballet, or for that matter, opera
8.    How any living being could resist Neko Case
9.    The writings of Gaston Bachelard, especially The Poetics of Reverie (though I desperately want to)
10.    The polo shirt
11.    Why more people don't visit Finland

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Ron MacLean is author of the story collections We Might as Well Light Something On Fire and Why the Long Face? and the novels Headlong and Blue Winnetka Skies. MacLean’s fiction has appeared widely in magazines including GQ, Narrative, Fiction International, and elsewhere. He is a recipient of the Frederick Exley Award for Short Fiction and a multiple Pushcart Prize nominee. He holds a Doctor of Arts from the University at Albany, SUNY, and has been a proud member of team Grub since 2004.

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