Teen Writers: Take A Class During February Vacation Week!

Teens said they wanted a creative space during February vacation week that didn't feel like school, so we put together a 4-day class: You'll dive into your imagination, eat some lunch, then decide if you'd like to get back into those creative waters!

Creative Writing in a Chaotic World

Real talk: it’s been a tough two years. For some of us, the state of the world has blocked our natural stream of creativity. If your writing practice has collected a little dust, you’re not alone; let's brush it off together! In this online week-long class, get back to your passion through low-key exercises and light-hearted connection with your fellow writers via live video conferencing (Zoom). We’ll dabble across genres — even drawing inspiration from other mediums such as TV shows and music — and revitalize our craft.

Each afternoon will feature an optional session that will include one of the following remote activities:

  • Silent group writing with music and available Q&A chat with the writing instructor
  • Book club silent reading party and optional chat
  • Guest instructor session on varying topics
  • Group movie viewing followed by a class Q&A about craft techniques reflected in the movie
  • Virtual field trips to museums and other virtual venues. 
  • Online writing games
  • Open Mic / sharing

This class is open to beginner and more experienced teen writers working in any genre, ages 13-18 only. Whatever style of writing you want to try or expand, bring your ideas, questions, and drafts, and create something fun in the company of other word lovers. Register here.

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