Support GrubStreet in this Uncertain Time

In this extraordinary time, many of you have asked how you can help. Now, more than ever, GrubStreet needs your support.
As you may know, we lost a critical source of income due to the cancellation of our annual Muse and the Marketplace writers conference, which was to take place in April. We also lost significant income from class tuition, as we had to cancel many in-person classes during our transition and ramp up to video-conferencing classes.

Some students are also facing layoffs and reduced wages so they may not be able to take classes they would have otherwise signed up for.

Many of our instructors are also finding that other income they rely on outside of GrubStreet is less available, so income from the classes they teach with us is more important than ever.

These challenges are a big deal; we won’t lie.

But with your help, we’ll keep GrubStreet going and meet community needs.

Your donation now will allow us to maintain writing programs for low-income teens and adults, and provide scholarships for students who have lost their jobs.

With your help, we’ll make up the immediate shortfall and continue to be there for our entire community at a time when we need the solace of writing and reading more than ever.

Your gift will allow us to support teaching artists, continue to offer vital scholarship and neighborhood programs, and foster connection during this time of physical isolation through new programs open to all. This will include virtual writing brown bag lunches, book recommendations, craft talks, writing prompts and open mics. We’ll also be sending videos of past Muse keynotes to you and the whole community to keep inspiration coming your way.

If you are in a position to give, please support us now with a generous donation.

So much has changed over the past month, but our connectedness and our need for each other is only more clear.

Your GrubStreet community is here for you. 

Thank you for being there for the writing community during this crisis.

We also want you to know that, despite the challenges, we’re moving forward with our new center on the waterfront. We’re picturing the joy of standing together and sharing our writing in our new shared home. It may take us a little longer, but we’ll get there. 

Until we can be together again, we will write on. And we hope you’ll join us. Thank you again for your support and your friendship.

With gratitude,  
Eve, Ian, Chris, Sonya, Stephanie, Dariel, Sean, Alison, and Eson on behalf of all of us at GrubStreet

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