Why Writing Matters to Lit Up's 10x2 Presenters, Part II

One of the most anticipated events at our annual Lit Up Gala (Thursday, November 3rd) is our signature 10x2 program, where ten Grubbies take the stage for two minutes each to read from their best work. This year, we spoke to each of our readers to find out why writing matters and to talk about what GrubStreet means to them.


Alicia Googins: Memoir Incubator

Writing has been my sail for years. It has kept my tiny ship moving forward amidst a fair number of lifestorms. Writing my way into, through, and out of experiences has deepened my ability to trust my own instincts.

I first came to GrubStreet with a batch of underbaked personal essays that I desperately needed help with. Ethan Gilsdorf’s Risky Personal Essay class helped me to clarify, organize, and tighten my writing through workshops and keen feedback. The themes I was grappling with cohered into a manuscript that I submitted in my application to the Memoir Incubator, which I’m completing this year. The Incubator has been one of the most practical and productive creative experiences I’ve had. GrubStreet is a gift to any writer.


Bill Buffett: Student

I wrote a book three years ago about a family farm in Nebraska that was homesteaded in 1871 by my great-grandfather.  There are so many questions I’d like to ask him. He never dreamed that someone a hundred years later would want to know about him. Besides finding the process of putting words on paper satisfying, I write to leave a legacy, believing that several generations hence someone will want to know about me. I write to tell about my life just as I wish Daniel Gibbon Norris had written about his.

A friend of my wife told her about Chris just starting Grub, and made a small contribution.  We’ve stayed with Grub because we enjoy Grub events and enjoy the people who make it work.


Michelle Garcia: YAWP

I only know how to breathe on paper.

I heard about GrubStreet through a friend who had done it and loved it. After getting accepted I had really great mentors who helped me develop skills as a writer. GrubStreet provided me with a safe space to better my writing.


Join us and fellow Grubbies for a night of fun and literary magic at this year’s Lit Up Gala on Thursday, November 3rd. Throw on your best threads and head over to Laugh Boston for a party with a purpose: Last year’s Lit Up allowed GrubStreet to open our doors wider than ever. Because of the generous support of our community, we nearly doubled the number of scholarships we awarded – that translates to over 170 scholarships to aspiring, talented writers this year. Your donations help GrubStreet further our mission of expanding access, fostering a truly inclusive community, and encouraging the next generation of writers. Click here for tickets and more info!

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