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Hello, there! Those who know me know that I’m obsessed with horror (looking at the content of my column, it’s not a great shock). Many folks are just getting to know that I also adore erotica, and that, in fact, I write erotic horror under a pen name for the fabulous Go Deeper Press. For the whys, check out this post.

Erotica and horror are types of fiction that I love to work with because they provide an automatic platform for the subversive and the deviant. Erotica isn’t just about sex (though of course, sex is pretty darn important), it’s about how sexuality can foster amazing transformations, personally, politically, and sensually. And horror can be a space where many individuals who may feel disempowered, misunderstood, or disenfranchised can explode stereotypes and experience their bodies in new ways.

My favorite erotic horror always carries with it an element of darkness and danger, always features fascinating monsters and clever women, and is always, always hot.

In the spirit of the season, here is a quick list of horrotic reads you may not have heard of. They’re all available for order straight to your Kindle, doorstep, or library (and don’t worry about getting any funny looks from librarians! Librarians love creepy and erotic as much as anyone!).

1) Cthulhurotica, edited by Carrie Cuinn

If you’ve got a thing for the old ones, this anthology is calling your name! A blend of Lovecraftian mythos, weird fiction, and female empowerment, this collection of stories and illustrations gives strangelove a new twist.

2) Little Deaths, edited by Ellen Datlow

A great blend of eros and thanatos! The sixteen stories in this anthology are authored by such illuminaries as Joyce Carol Oates, Clive Barker, Dan Simmons, and Kathe Koja. And if that weren’t cool enough, this volume won the World Fantasy Award for Best Anthology in 1995.

3) Rigor Amortis, edited by Jaym Gates

If you’re into disturbing and deviant (and are not of the faint of heart), try this volume of flash erotic zombie fiction (and say that three times fast!). The ultra-violent walking dead are hungry for love. And brains.

What are your favorite spooky sexy reads? Let me know in the comments!

And when you’re done reading and creeping yourself out, go out there and scare up some All Hallows Fun! To get your spook on, you can sign up for my seminar on Crafting the Villain (where we’ll chat about the importance of well-rounded baddies). Or say you’re looking for something a little sexy, check out Go Deeper Press’ latest release, Shameless Behavior!

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