Slaying Genre: 666 Spooktacular Tales For Hallowe'en!

It's pretty obvious to anyone who knows me even a little that this is my favorite time of year. The crumble and crush of brightly colored leaves, the crisp smell of apples in the air, and, of course, Hallowe'en.


Just in time for the spookiest night of the year, here are some stories that will scare the bejeezus out of you. OK, maybe not 666 tales. Maybe just six. But six damn amazing creepy and disturbing stories nonethless.


1) Mothers Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying

From the most recent issue of Tin House, Alice Sola Kim uses teen girls, shifting points of view, and witchcraft (obviously) to such effect that you'll find yourself scampering behind bushes every time a teenager walks toward you.


2) The Specialist's Hat

Kelly Link is the mistress of weird. But in the tale she takes weird to a dark place. One thing is for sure, identical twins are still extremely creepy and after reading, you'll never look at riding a bicycle while wearing a hat the same way.


3) Armless Maidens of the American West

I feel like the title speaks for itself, but in case you need convincing, in this story (published in Apex Magazine), Genevieve Valentine plays with complicity, violence, folklore, and images and sounds so visceral that you'll wake up sweating from nightmares long after reading.


4) The Evening the Morning and the Night

From masterful writer Octavia Butler, the only thing I will say is that this tale will cut you. Get thee to a library or indie bookstore and pick up a copy of Bloodchild and Other Stories, the collection in which this story appears (link is to a tasty excerpt).


5) Blessed

I'll bet you didn't get the preserved body of a saint for your seventh birthday, did you? Well, now you can read this story by Helen Marshall and be reallyreallyreally glad you didn't.


6) Practice Falling Asleep

Everything Alissa Nutting does gives me the shivers. Her prose is delightful and this flash piece is sure to send you off to dreamland with visions of gas masks and horses dancing in your heads.


What are your favorite spooktacular stories? Please let me know in the comments (link to the pieces if you can)!



And if you want to start creating your own tales (spooky OR otherwise) check out my new Short Fiction Essentials Series this fall at Grub!



*Photo courtesy of KL Pereira, all rights reserved.

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