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Last week, we announced the bittersweet news that we’re moving out of our home at 162 Boylston Street by the end of this month. Thank you to everyone who wrote to us with well-wishes and positive vibes in response to this update. After reading all of your lovely messages about how much the space meant to you, we wanted to give everyone in our community the chance to say a virtual goodbye by sharing any fond memories you have of 162 Boylston Street.
We all had so many happy and meaningful times at 162 over the course of eight years. We’d love to hear any stories you have about friendships formed, epiphanies for your writing, or any fun moments you’ll never forget. We’d also love to hear if you had any favorite parts of the space itself. We’ll never forget the wonderful view of the Boston Common from our desks, the faint sound of piano lessons occasionally drifting down from the ceiling, or the famous red couches in the back of the space where all Grubbies went to take it easy. 

Tell us your favorite memories (or share photos/videos from the space) and you just might see them featured in a blog post we’re putting together to commemorate our time at 162.

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