Post-Writing-Secrets, Part One

Hey Grubbies!
We hoped you enjoyed getting to know us last week in our debut blog post. (If it meant getting recognized an hour later in the elevator up to the fourth floor by a grub-daily reader, having an “almost-famous” moment was worth the sweat.)

This week we’re getting a little more anonymous. Have you ever heard of the site called If not, we suggest you put down your pen for a second and check it out. We're obsessed with this site. Post-Secret features posts mailed in by everyday folks who attach never-before-uttered secrets to a homemade postcard. We like to check the site out as it's updated every Sunday because the secrets range from hilarious to heartbreaking, with shades of tenderness, embarrassment, and hope in-between. We think the site is meant to empower not just the secret-teller but also the reader. As writers, we crave the reader's ear, as readers, we crave the writer's honesty.

Here’s a recreation of the site, “post-writing-secret” we’ll call it, straight from yours truly, (although we’ll never truly reveal ourselves.) We also collected secrets from the coolest Grubbies out there, the YAWP students. Please feel free to laugh at our expense, or if you feel our pain, cry out loud, eat a bowl of raviolis, hide under a table, whatever you need to do--use our secrets to get inspired!  And if inspiration leads you to want to send in a secret of your own, go for it!  We can publish them in upcoming weeks.  Just send them to [email protected] (we won't ever reveal who they're from).

This is Part One.  We'll post the rest of the secrets next Monday.

Until next time,
The Grub Interns

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