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What now? Here at the DeadDarlings office we headed into a new year under a new presidency. Writers know how to handle transitions. We notice the shifts taking place within our scenes or between our chapters and choose how to smooth out the journey for our readers by looking at what has to change and what stays the same from one state to the next. Last month we looked at all the things we want to keep doing in 2017.

Keep Writing

Anna Williams asks What to Write in Troubled Times? Whatever You Want while Lisa Birk explains Why Stories Matter, Especially Now

Keep Revising

RJ Taylor tells us what we should know about how our brains work into to be effective drafters and editors in Writing, Fast and Slow and Mark Guerin revisits the standard advice to Show, Don't Tell in a review of Janice Hardy's latest craft book. 

Keep Submitting

Into, Well … the Abyss features Michael Nolan looking at the real-life story of Ruth Galm's persistence in the face of rejection. 

And...let's talk about sex (and some other things). Rose Himber Howse interviews author Garth Greenwell about how to write about sex, relationships and LGBTQ characters. 

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Dead Darlings is devoted to celebrating the novel, from the process of creation through revision, promotion and publication. The authors, alumni from GrubStreet Boston’s Novel Incubator, have gathered to provide support for all novelists: aspiring, developing or successful. Writing is best when it has the support of a community, when novelists share their experiences.

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