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Nothing ain't worth nothing, but it's free. Nealy 50 musicians have recorded that line and the rest of the classic country hit "Me and Bobby McGee." From Kris Kristofferson, who co-wrote it, to Janis Joplin, who made it famous, along with Johnny Cash, Olivia Newton-John, The Greatful Dead and Pink; each artist made it their own. This past month at DeadDarlings we had to turn away from the political speeches and turn up the Joplin to find that spirit of freedom, diversity and love.

Marc Foster conducted An Interview with Jennifer Haigh about her latest novel is the story of fictional mining town Bakerton, PA, and the effect its collapse has on a whole community of characters.

Flat Broke
Writing While Poor: Chasing the Dream You Know You Can’t Have  is Milo Todd's personal essay on how poverty has shaped (and stunted) his writing life.

And Waiting
In Love the Query: 3 Tips, 12 Stages of Despair, and 1 Playlist, Lisa Birk has compiled the music to listen to when you query and fail.

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