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Bits of green are popping up around Dead Darlings HQ. Spring is always a good time to look to the future, evaluate the past, and think about what’s current. Topics around here this past month include history, world building, true crime, and bookstore shelves. Scroll down and read all about them.

True Crime Leads the Way

Emily Ross in How the Pied Piper of Tucson Led Me to My Story writes about how a true crime provided the framework she needed for her plot and characters and led her to the story told in her forthcoming book Half in Love with Death.

The Problems in Writing Historical Fiction

Where is the line between fiction and history? How accurately can we write about the past if we are living in the present? Lissa Franz addresses these questions and others in Historical Fiction: Leap of Faith.

Looking to the Future

From past to future, Cara Wood in Lessons Learned: Imagining Science Fiction/Fantasy Settings gives us three important lessons in world building.

On the Bookshelves Now

In 13 Ways to a Bookstore’s Display, RJ Taylor gives us a list of things to do to get that newly published book on the bookstore shelves.

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