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We’re heading from the Dead Darlings’ offices into the holidays armed with presents and egg nog and thick wool mittens. Every writer knows that along with the good cheer and mistletoe holidays bring the complicated dramas of family, expectations, and magic (or magical thinking) that make stories great. Here are some things to pack into your sleigh as you head into the festivities.

Something to Celebrate

The holiday traditions may vary from home to home, but we all can find something to celebrate in this bleak month. Mark Guerin reflects on what the Cubs victory means to him, and what the Cubs legacy has meant to his writing in Standing Room Only

Something to Ask

For some conversation starters with at your holiday gatherings, we recommend two writer’s perspectives how important it is to get and respect new perspectives. Lisa Birk asks how to writers can approach Writing the Other, while Ashley Weckbacher reflects on the powerful lens reading has given her to truly see the world in Doctor My Eyes

Somewhere to Escape

When you are all done with the hustle and bustle of the season, you may need to find some breather room. To get the time for your writing, Kelly Robertson shares her tips for a Solo Writing Retreat

Happy Holidays! We can’t wait for all the fabulous reading and writing on the way in 2017!

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