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November is National Novel Writing Month, and Dead Darlings is the place to go for all things novel. This month, we write about comps, acknowledgements, plate spinners, and real life.

The Comp

The journey in finding a novel comp is a long and arduous one. Jack Ferris’s In Search of the Elusive Comp tells of such a tale.

The Details

How does an author make all those pertinent details, big and small, stick in a reader’s mind? Mark Guerin in The Novelist as Plate Spinner discusses a few novels that do it right. 

The Acknowledgement Page

Admit it, long before the manuscript is done, we think about who will grace our own acknowledgement page. In Meeting Susan Donovan: The Bestselling Author With My Name, Susan Donovan Bernhard writes about one author she would thank.


Often life and art intersect. Michele Ferrari in Life and Death and the Novel writes about life taking an unexpected turn and as a consequence, breathing new life into her novel.

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Dead Darlings is devoted to celebrating the novel, from the process of creation through revision, promotion and publication. The authors, alumni from GrubStreet Boston’s Novel Incubator, have gathered to provide support for all novelists: aspiring, developing or successful. Writing is best when it has the support of a community, when novelists share their experiences.

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