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This month, we've gone quantitative. You might be glued to the latest poll numbers, your fantasy football standings, or where your book ranks on Amazon. Over at the Dead Darlings offices, we can't stop counting the ways to make our literary lives better.

18 Ways to Cope
Stephaie Gayle shares a long of list of survival tips for introverted writers facing The Next Giant Conference

15 Beats from Beginning to End
In Writing the Murky Middle, Carol Gray shares how Blake Synder's Save the Cat guide helped her write the Act II of her novel.

6 Revision Hacks for a Fresh Perspective
RJ Taylor talks about how to edit with fresh air when you're in deep with your story in Fish Can't See the Water. 

1 Page
Deborah Good provides a unmarked first page and asks Would You Pay to Read This Novel? 

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