NEW! Workplace Writing Program

Want to bring the same fun, artistic experience of a GrubStreet class to your office? We're excited to launch our new workplace writing program for organizations in-person or remote. 

No matter where you work, it's no secret that storytelling is a vital tool for business growth. The ability to tell a compelling, clear story about yourself and your work enhances critical leadership skills and provides a competitive advantage for your organization.

That's where we come in. GrubStreet's workplace writing program teaches creative storytelling skills that directly translate into inspiring leadership and increased business value. We provide the tools and strategies to transform ordinary workplace communication into engaging, persuasive stories for fields as far-ranging as science, technology, consulting, business, research, marketing, HR, and more.

Imagine the impact of delivering an unforgettable product pitch with real stakes, training employees through tales highlighting organizational values, or giving a company update that resonates emotionally and motivates your team.

Now through April 2023, we're offering a special 20% discount for the GrubStreet community. If you're ready to transform your company through story, don't wait! 

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