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It’s school time! At Dead Darlings HQ, we welcome back the students while hoping they quickly learn the direction of the one-way streets around our fair city. If you find yourself stuck behind a confused student, kill some time and read the latest from Dead Darlings.

Harness the Hate

Have you ever hated your novel in progress so much you wanted to toss it in a drawer forever? Alison Murphy in The Importance of Hating Your Own Writing explains how that hate can be used for good.

Don’t Worry About that Slump

Now that you’ve used your hate to help you revise, you find yourself in a writing slump, right? No worries. Sarah Colwill-Brown in Shaking the Slump, or Contingencies for the Failure of Bloody Mindedness gives you some tips to get over that writer’s block.

Now the Hard Part - a Title

Great. You’ve gotten over that slump. You’ve revised some more. Now it’s time to pick a title. Emily Ross in Finding the Right Title talks about the genesis of the title of her novel, Half in Love with Death, forthcoming from Merit Press in December 2015.

Yay! You Found a Publisher

You have your completed manuscript, a killer title, and a home for your book. Now what? Stephanie Gayle answers that question in What to Do One Month Before Your Book Launch. Stephanie’s book, Idyll Threats, came out this month.


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