Muse 2022: Meet the Muse Team!

The Muse team is so happy to welcome four seasonal Muse staff members to the team this month! Kailoni Green, Caleb Bollenbacher, JoAnn Cox, and Anne Buckley will be joining us for this year's conference. Read up on all things Muse here.



Registration Coordinator — Kailoni Green

Kailoni Green (they/them), 2021’s Muse Intern, joins us in 2022 as Muse Registration Coordinator. Welcome back, Kailoni, to the Muse Staff!

Bio: I was born in California and moved to the Boston area to obtain my master’s in English and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Brandeis University. The Office is my comfort show, and I want to write my own show some day. 

What's one thing that excites you about planning Muse 2022? I love all the anticipation for the conference. We've had people from all over the world come to this conference! It warms my heart to think about all the budding connections that’ll spring up during and hopefully after the conference. 

Tell us a little about your own creative writing endeavors. I’ve written small pieces here and there, some poetry, a short story or two but I’d love to write and produce my own television show. There are still some elements about it that I need to work through, but it’s a project I’m very excited about and will hopefully get to share on a wider scale soon. 


Manuscript Mart Communications Coordinator — Caleb Bollenbacher

Caleb Bollenbacher (he/him), a member of the Muse team as a lead volunteer, then a staff member since 2018,  joins us once more as Manuscript Mart Communications Coordinator.

Bio: Caleb is a writer trying to cobble together a story in whatever medium makes the most sense. After a lengthy tour through Boston that included a Writing for Children MFA from Simmons and several years as a bookseller at Porter Square Books, he has recently relocated to Austin, Texas, to write for an online children’s show. This is his third year as part of the Muse Dream Team.

What's one thing that excites you about planning Muse 2022? I’ve worked with the Muse for several years, and Covid has cast a shadow on all of them. While that’s not ideal, it means that each year is different from the last, and I’m excited to see the Muse take on yet another new form!

Tell us a little about your own creative writing endeavors. I’ve been steadily plugging away at storytelling since I was a kid, but in a far more serious capacity since I finished my undergraduate degree. While I’ve written several manuscripts in a handful of genres, I also spent years writing a series of Middle Grade graphic novels. At present I’m getting back into screenwriting, a move partially stirred by my new day job writing online children’s programming. I’m currently looking for representation if any agents out there want a prolific writer who does a little bit of everything! 


Technology and Venue Coordinator — JoAnn Cox

JoAnn F. Cox (she/her) has been a member of the Muse team as a lead volunteer and staff member since 2016 and joins us in 2022 as Tech and Venue Coordinator.

Bio: JoAnn enjoys a good story in various forms, from films and episodic television to short fiction and novels. Helping connections become collaborators is a passion. JoAnn serves on the Boards of Women in Film and Video-New England and the Shirley Jackson Awards. 

What's one thing that excites you about planning Muse 2022? Working towards creating a dynamic and immersive online event for the Muse attendees with the supportive Muse team is inspiring. Excitement abounds when helping storytellers connect with one another to discuss craft and personal writing growth. 

Tell us a little about your own creative writing endeavors. Thanks in no small part to committing to a One Thing to write at least a sentence a day, and having an accountability team, recently I finished draft zero of my first novel. Up next? Study story structure and craft before typing up and editing the hundreds of handwritten pages.


Volunteer Coordinator — Anne Buckley

Anne Buckley (she/her) has been a rockstar lead volunteer for the Muse since 2019 and is the Muse Volunteer Coordinator for 2022!

Bio: I’m an independent wine consultant, a cooking show co-host, a board member for two non-profit organizations, an aspiring published author, and a self-confessed writing and reading enthusiast. And I have trouble saying no to projects!

What's one thing that excites you about planning Muse 2022? The immersive experience of the Muse is what gets the adrenaline pumping and makes me excited to sit at my desk and write. I love being part of the phenomenal team that makes this happen. Being behind the scenes as the event takes shape is every bit as exciting as being on the outside looking in. 

Tell us a little about your own creative writing endeavors. I’m on the verge of launching my substack newsletter, ‘Notes from A Small Desk’ (, where I will share all manner of insights into the mind of a British fiction writer living in the USA. I also have my first novel in progress. With the help and support of my Grubbies, I’m wrapping up the final third of what will be my debut novel. Watch this space.

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