Q&A With Author & Grub Board Member Alice Hoffman

GrubStreet runs on coffee, printer ink, and community. Our "Meet a Grubbie" series features just some of the Grubbies who make our community strong. In this special edition, meet Alice Hoffman, GrubStreet board member and beloved author of over thirty novels, including Practical Magic, and it's long-awaited prequel, The Rules of Magic (on sale October 10!) We asked Alice some burning questions in the lead up to GrubStreet's Lit Up Gala on October 5th, where Alice will be honored with the Grubby Award.


At Grub, we’re huge fans of Practical Magic. What can we expect from The Rules of Magic, the long awaited prequel?

The Rules of Magic takes up a family cursed for in the 1600s for witchery. Hundreds of years later, on the cusp of the sixties in New York City, three siblings who are dangerously unique do their best to navigate human entanglements and emotions. This books follows the lives of the aunts, characters from Practical Magic. Frankly, writing it was the most fun I've had in ages because this novel includes everything I love to write about: Magic, history, Greenwich Village, curses, love, and enchantment.


We’re incredibly honored to have you join Grub’s board this year. What first inspired you to get involved with Grub?

I've long admired Grub for all they've managed to do here in Boston. We have a long and brilliant literary history in our city. It has always been a city of writers, and Grub brings those writers together and gives them a home, whether they are teen writers starting out, or experienced writers who have so much to give in their classes.


What does it mean to you to be a good “literary citizen,” and how can we all be better at it?

 Being a good literary citizen means keeping the doors open to all, while maintaining the standards of literature, to be inclusive and also challenging, to teach and to learn, to give back to the community of writers that has given so much to us all.


What does the future of the literary arts in Boston look like? Why do we need to support the next generation of Boston writers?

I think Boston will always be a writing center, and Grub is a huge part of what makes our city so attractive to writers. We have so many universities and students here, and so much new talent, and we have a history of literature that cannot be matched. The next generation of Boston writers is taking classes at Grub right now, they're in our high schools and middle schools, and the great thing is, that despite the world of the internet, they're still readers and writers.


We’re very excited to be presenting you with the Grubby Award at this year’s Lit Up Gala. Why should Boston writers and book lovers come out and party with us on October 5th?

Boston writers and book lovers should come and party with us because writing keeps a city and a culture alive and Grub is the most vibrant center of writing in our town. Now, more than ever, we need to come together and support the arts and freedom of expression. Plus, it's a great party! I can promise a fab evening of books, writers, and fun.


Want to party with Alice and Grub at Lit Up? Snag your tickets here, or click the image below.


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