May & June 2020 In-Person Classes Now Remote

With the stay-at-home advisory for Massachusetts extended through May 4th, GrubStreet has decided to hold all May and June 2020 in-person classes remotely via Zoom video conferencing. We’ve once again decided as a community to follow the advice of public health experts and participate in the social distancing that’s recommended to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. Whether you prefer to take a “remote” class (that meets via video conference at a specific date and time) or an “online” class (through our online learning platform, with no set meeting times), we've got you covered.

If you've got the Internet, you can write with us. It's that simple. 

Check out our list of upcoming remote and online classes taking place in May and June:


Day Workshops – Remote!

Evening Workshops – Remote!

May Workshops - Online!


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