Join Us for Our In-Person Novel Incubator Open House & Info Session on 12/8

Interested in taking your novel to the next level? If so, GrubStreet’s competitive and affordable MFA-level Novel Incubator is for you. Over 12 months, writers will revise their novels, study the novel form, and gain a thoughtful introduction to the publishing world. For most of the 12-month program, students meet in three-hour workshops on Monday evenings at GrubStreet HQ. Workshops are led by instructor Michelle Hoover, who also provides written feedback and offers prepared lectures on various elements of the craft of novel-writing. These classes also include analysis of published novels and impromptu discussions about the novel-writing process. 

“It is without a doubt the best thing I’ve done to help my writing career.” — Robert Fernandes

To learn more, join us for an informal Q&A session on our Novel Incubator program! Instructor Michelle Hoover will answer any questions you. Please note that the upcoming round of the Novel Incubator, which begins in May 2022, will take place in-person in Boston. You will need to register ahead of time and provide proof of vaccination to attend this session.

Fellowships are available and range from 25% to 75% of the tuition. For more information about financial aid, please visit our Novel Incubator's Fellowships page.

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