Impossible Wolves (Deathless Press)

By Sophie Powell

“He was a beautiful wolf. Not like the snow before it hits the ground, perfect and new, but sooty and grey like the snow that fell on this city once, that still falls in the Alt Stadt.” So begins K.L. Pereira’s exquisite and extraordinary chapbook in which every sentence sparkles like a sapphire, every paragraph holds you spellbound. Impossible Wolves is masterfully mysterious and equivocating, but not frustratingly so. On the contrary, like a Shakespeare play, its gorgeously rich language allows readings on multiple levels and each new reading takes you on a different magical journey.

The shadowy world of the story evokes both the charm and fantasy-feel of old-fashioned fairytales, as well as the reality of recovering postwar Germany. Pereira artfully marries the imagined and real to produce a unique world both otherworldly and rooted in the genuinely believable.  Narrated in the intimate first-person point of view of a herbalist living alone in the woods, on the edge of society, Impossible Wolves explores and breaks boundaries both literal and metaphorical; the “impossible wolf” of the title is both a terrifically unique character and a well of opportunity for Pereira to touch with new depths upon complex issues such as solitude and desire, particularly female desire.

Pereira is a prodigiously gifted writer whose writing I look forward to seeing circulated amongst even greater audiences in the future. With Impossible Wolves, she effortlessly places herself on par with The Modern Fairytale Greats like the late Angela Carter. I urge you to buy this beautiful book now and discover her magic for yourself. It also makes the perfect gift for a reader/writer-friend.


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About the Author

Sophie Powell grew up in London and on a sheep farm in Wales. She is the author of the novel The Mushroom Man (Putnam Penguin) which received glowing reviews, including one from the New York Times Book Review, and which has been translated into several languages. She has also published short stories, including one in a collection selected by Zadie Smith. With a BA in Classics from Cambridge University and an MFA in Creative Writing from New York University, she is especially fond of writing that involves myth, magic and fantasy. She has taught Creative Writing at Boston College, New York University, George Washington University and on seminars abroad, as well as in prisons and libraries. For more about Sophie, visit

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