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Grub Street's July member of the month is Gerald Zeitlin. Gerald has been a dedicated member for six years, and was kind enough to answer our questions below for a new program called Get To Know a Grubbie.  Thank you, Gerald! It's been fun getting to know you. 

- The Grub Staff




Willie the Dog chewed my birth certificate. All that remains tells me I was born in London somewhere between 1901 and 1991. Stowed away in Cunard liner bound from Liverpool to Boston in September 1965. Practiced anesthesiology in Harvard Medical School hospitals. Twelve years ago found that getting up at 5.30 a.m. for work was no longer exciting. Retired.


How long have you been a Grub Street Member?

Six years.


What do you like to write? 

Stories - either fictional or from memory.


What was your favorite Grub Street class?

Eve Bridburg's "Do I Have a Book?" Made me realize I DID have a book - about all the the terrifying and wonderful moments that arise from the practice of anesthesiology.


Write a six-word short story/memoir/poem:

Woke from nightmare and saw sunshine.


It’s a cliché that all writers have tragic childhoods. What was your favorite childhood injury?

School spelling bee in 1948; I was reckoned the best in the school. Public humiliation when I spelled conscious thus: concious. Have been frail and sensitive ever since 1948.


If the Boston Public Library were on fire and you could only save 3 books, what would they be?

1. Brighton Rock, by Graham Greene

2. Quite Early One Morning, by Dylan Thomas

3. Goodbye to All That, by Robert Graves Sleep


If obituaries were written as haikus (and they should be), what would yours say? 

Tried to be funny,
Couldn't make money,
Loved bread and honey.


Why is being a Grub Street member important to you?

It's the intellectual refuge for my senescence.


If you could have coffee with any writer (living or dead), who would it be and why? 

E.M. Forster, to discuss A Passage to India.


What is your theme song?

Yellow Submarine, by The Beatles.





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