Upcoming YAWP Saturday Sessions (FREE)

Check out our FREE YAWP Saturday Sessions for fall 2022! These sessions are free for Boston-area high schoolers. Whether you need fresh ideas, a dedicated space to write, or just want to geek out about the written word with other writers, we're here for you or the teen writer in your life. Check below for more info about each of our upcoming sessions. 

ALL YAWP Saturdays for Fall 2022 are free and will be held either in person at our Seaport headquarters or remotely via Zoom from 12:00 to 3:00pm (ET). Snacks and writing materials will be provided. Click here for more information.


December 10th


Contain Yourself: Fun with Flash (In-Person)

Kristen Paulson-Nguyen

Do you enjoy the challenge of pouring meaning into small containers? If you crave the heat of expressing big thoughts using 100 to 1,000 words, the lightning strike of flash, a short form of fiction or nonfiction, is for you. Learn more.


Writing a Short Film (In-Person)

Mark Fogarty

Short films are a great way for filmmakers to cut their teeth, experiment and showcase their abilities, and the first (and most important) step to making any film is writing a great screenplay. In this workshop, students will watch and analyze several short films and then write one of their own. Learn more.


Hey Look, a Poem! A Day of Found Forms (Zoom)

Sara Daniele Rivera

Has writer’s block ever prevented you from generating new pieces? What if, in these moments, you could turn to your Twitter feed, your favorite novel, or a newspaper clipping to create a poem? In this class, we’ll explore found poetic forms, meaning forms of poetry that come from an external source. Learn more.

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