Doldrums Shmoldrums! Teens Get Writing!

Who says you need to be over 18 to write something beautiful and devastating? Our amazing YAWP teens prove again and again that they can write their hearts out. Join us this Saturday to write out yours! 

Consequence of Confidence

By Jude Fils


We were only teenagers. We thought we knew the world but we were afraid of everything, even our own shadows. We were so afraid we hid ourselves behind our only defenses: sarcasm and dry humor. We laughed together and cried together. We came, we fought, but we couldn't conquer all our fears. So we fell in love tentatively, gradually tumbling in, with little handholds and featherweight kisses. But we lost ourselves somewhere along the way. We lost us when you gained confidence, when I was still swimming, struggling in an ocean of self-doubt. I drowned and you let me.


By Buddy Taylor


You’ve always had trouble with waiting, whether you’re waiting for clothes to arrive in the mail or to find out if a girl likes you back. I’ve watched waiting torment you time after time after time. It’s monotony. Chewing you up and nearly swallowing  you whole. When the shoes are too small or she says she likes taller guys. The revelations restart the process. That’s what is most devastating. I am sorry you have  to wait so much longer to find what others get without trying, but I hope that when  you finally do, it will be worth every second.

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