Covid-19 Update: GrubStreet Moving Online & Other Updates

Dear Fellow Grubbies, 

We’re writing with an important update about GrubStreet’s response to the Coronavirus. GrubStreet’s staff and board have been in close conversation since reports of Covid-19 started occurring in Massachusetts. As much as we want to maintain the intimacy and connection of our classrooms and gatherings, our primary responsibility is to keep our community safe. It’s now clear to our staff and board that the responsible next step for our organization is to shift to remote learning for the remainder of March and during the month of April.  

We are transitioning to remote learning because we want to do our part to contribute to social distancing practices to mitigate and flatten the spread of coronavirus to the public at large. For more information about social distancing and other protective measures against the coronavirus click here

In practical terms, here is what this means for you and the whole GrubStreet community effective today Thursday, March 12th, 2020: 

  • GrubStreet classes will transition from meeting in-person to meeting remotely via video conference. We are sending individual communications to students currently enrolled in classes and to all new students who enroll. 
  • GrubStreet Headquarters at 162 Boylston Street will temporarily close as we ask staff and members to work remotely for as long as necessary.
  • While GrubStreet classes will continue remotely, other events scheduled through the end of April will be cancelled. Sadly, this includes the Muse and the Marketplace 2020. All participants for this year’s Muse conference will be receiving a detailed email tomorrow, Friday, March 13th, about next steps. 
  • All Write Down the Street classes will be cancelled through the month of April. We will send direct communications to participants in the coming days and make an update to this page
  • All teen classes and YAWP Saturday Sessions now until the end of April are also cancelled. Staff will reach out to YAWPers soon about other ways to creatively connect during this time.
  • Summer classes beginning in May are still scheduled to take place at 162 Boylston Street with remote access available to all members of the community who want it. However, we will continue to monitor the situation, and if need be we are prepared to offer these classes remotely. We will make all of our decisions in accordance with public health officials and advisories. 

In times of uncertainty, we are reminded that community matters more than ever. This is why we’re taking steps as a community to act together to protect every single member in the best way we know possible. We can’t promise to have all the answers as the situation changes, but we do promise to communicate our thinking as an organization as soon and as clearly as possible and to prioritize health. Together we hope to collectively keep our true grubby sense of community alive and well through online platforms and video conferencing. 

Some might be wondering if these circumstances will impact the building of our new center in the Seaport. The answer is absolutely not. We continue to make steady progress and still plan to open the new center in fall of 2020. 

We look forward to the day when we will all gather safely together. Until then, GrubStreet continues to write on and we hope you’ll join us. 

We deeply appreciate the support you’ve shown our staff and each other throughout this process. 

With gratitude and elbow bumps, 
The GrubStreet Staff and Board

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