Countdown to the Muse: Micro-Interview 11 (Bethanne Kelly Patrick)

One day more... until The Muse and the Marketplace! This is the eleventh in a series of micro-interviews by an author, agent or editor who will be attending the event.  

Micro-Interview with Bethanne Kelly Patrick

  1. What is the toughest criticism to give or receive on writing?
    The toughest criticism to receive on writing is... not a thing. There is no criticism on creative writing that I find too tough. I do, however, find it tough when I'm working on freelance journalism and an editor says my writing needs to be "snappier."

  2. What do you think is the future of digital vs. printed media for the publishing industry?
    I told a reporter recently that I think we're going to see a few more decades of both digital AND printed media--but that there will be more "guerrilla everything" associated with both.

  3. What is the strangest place you've ever been?
    What a wonderful question, as "strange" lends itself to so many interpretations... Geographically, a farmhouse in the middle of the Australian rain forest. Culturally, a dusty occult museum in a tiny Texas town. Psychically, interviewing and singing with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame.

  4. What’s the one piece of advice you’d like to give to writers?
    I'd give other writers advice I'm still learning myself: Let go and submit--submit more work more frequently than you feel comfortable doing. Those who submit, get published.

Bethanne Kelly Patrick is a writer and author who tweets @TheBookMaven and who founded the popular #fridayreads hashtag on Twitter. Patrick has blogged as "The Book Maven" for AOL and Publishers Weekly, among others, and helped launch Shelf Awareness for Readers and Book Riot before "going rogue" (read: freelance) to write her first novel. Her first two books for National Geographic are An Uncommon History of Common Things (with John Thompson) and An Uncommon History of Common Courtesy; she is currently working on a new project for National Geographic. Patrick, a graduate of Smith College and The University of Virginia, lives in Arlington, VA.

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