Countdown to Muse 2021: Small Victories by Tito W. James

The Muse and the Marketplace 2021 is almost here! This year's conference is taking the form of a virtual enhanced writing residency (taking place Wednesday, April 21st - Sunday, April 25th) with new Premium Workshops and the Manuscript Mart (taking place Wednesday, April 28th - Sunday, May 2nd).


This year's conference theme is "Small Victories." We all know what the "big" victories are (landing an agent, snagging a book deal, or getting a flashy award), but this year we aim to celebrate the equally important, tiny, and often unseen victories of our writing lives. In anticipation of the conference, we've asked Muse 2021 presenting authors to describe one small victory they've had as a writer that nobody knows about. Our next presenter in the series is Tito W. James, author of Tenacity



When committing to a lengthy writing project there’s an enormous amount of pressure to make the story good. The more stories I’m exposed to, the more I believe that quality is subjective. There are award-winning novels that I find tedious and obscene stories that I adore.

My recent “small victory” is that I’ve elected to measure success on my own terms. 

To quote the great Underground Mangaka Atsushi Kaneko: 

“What I care about most in my work has always been making something nobody has ever seen before. – So rather than making something of high quality, I pursue something that is of high quality to me.”

As storytellers we have the opportunity to expose our readers to points of view that they may have overlooked. Quality needn’t be a tower divided between high and low art. 

Good storytelling can be as expansive as a fantasy world map. 

There are different landscapes and ecosystems but they are on the same plane. There’s a lot of attention given to a book when it sells well or is critically acclaimed. But it’s important to remember that doing a story that only you can do is the greatest victory of all.



Tito W. James is a self-made comic creator with a background in video game art and animation. His travels across the globe and the doors of perception informed his multi-cultural comic book esthetic and psychedelic philosophy. Whether he’s telling people’s fortunes in speakeasy bars or dissecting the brains of visionary auteurs, Tito is always on the hunt for the next story. His comics draw heavy influence from hand drawn animation and incorporate action and comedy into various genres. Please contact via email for any comic book or media related inquiries.



You can catch Tito's virtual craft discussion, "Creating Groundbreaking Graphic Novels, Memoirs, and Comics," via Attendify at the Muse 2021 from 10:00 am - 11:15 am (EDT) on April 22nd, 2021. Don't wait! Register for the Muse and the Marketplace 2021 today.

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